Back-Friendly Lifting Techniques

1 cross lift

Any type of undue movement that puts excessive stress on your back can strain your muscles, damage your intervertebral disc and/or nerves causing back pain. Among many activities which can be harmful to your back (like standing or sitting for an extended period of time, incorrect stretching, sudden movements) improper lifting can generate different back […]

Failed Back Surgery: What the Patient Feels Matters

When a back surgery outcome does not meet pre-surgical expectations of both the surgeon and the patient, it constitutes failed back surgery.  Patients experiencing such failure complain of persistent and recurring pain. Studies show that back pain affects 80 percent of Americans at some point in their lives and is the second most common reason […]


The most wonderful time of the year, can turn ghastly for your back if you are not attentive enough. From the discomfort the cold weather might cause, to the injuries caused in winter sports and other winter activities or even common cold. This article deals with the impact of winter on spine and how to […]

Do Your New Year’s Resolutions Include Taking Better Care of Yourself?

How about deciding to keep a good posture as a New Year’s resolution? Think of good posture as a form of fitness which helps the muscles of your body better support the skeleton and keep it in alignment during movement. But why is it that some people find it difficult to keep and maintain good […]

Is chronic back pain a global phenomenon?

To people who do not suffer from back-related problems, living in constant back pain might be impossible to imagine. However, a quick look at the statistics on the issue reveals surprising results and calls for a global attention. Included below are some facts and figures revealing the magnitude of back pain problems in the United […]